Let Your Employees Gain “Bow Benefits”

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Partner with the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center’s Corporate Membership program and provide a healthy, happy activity for you and your employees. Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by any gender, any body type or ability. The benefits of archery for you workforce are numerous including:

  • It’s Great Exercise (While physically drawing a bow does expend energy, so does walking to the target to collect arrows)

  • Creates Enhanced Coordination (Learning the steps to make a good shot requires a precise routine that gets ingrained into muscle memory and the subconscious)

  • Builds Patience (Archery is easy to learn - but difficult to master. It’s fun, however, it can get frustrating - patience is built up in practice while the skill of archery is created).

  • Brings a Sense of Calmness (Staying calm and accurate is an ability that archers develop by managing their breathing, concentration and nervousness.)

  • Boulsters Self-Confidence (An archer’s greatest opponent is themself. They want to continually improve and therefore set clear goals – after all, results are all based on easily-measurable scores. Experiencing progress boosts confidence, and there’s no better sport to measure that than archery.)

  • Improved Social Skills (Archery is a unique sport in that the world’s best can compete on the target with someone fairly new. Archery is often without barriers – and enable friendships between individuals from all walks of life. You never know who you’ll end up on a target with next.)


Membership Levels*

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Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
$50,000 $25,000 $10,000 $3,000

* A portion of your membership is tax deductible!


Membership Includes

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✔ Passes for employees, clients or guests

✔ Access to all ranges (indoor/outdoor/transition room/3D)

✔ Recognition as a Corporate Member on the Easton Foundations website, electronic media and signage at the center

✔ Company events

✔ Event space rental discount


Become A Corporate Member

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