2019 NFAA 5-Spot


2019 NFAA 5-Spot

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The 2019 NFAA 5-Spot follows all rules and procedures from the NFAA rules and interpretations. This includes equipment and clothing regulations. Archers will shoot 5 arrows per end, 20 ends to totaling 60 arrows. All NFAA age division apply.


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$20 Per Person


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Must provide your own

Freestyle: Any sight and written memorandum, hand operated release aid, rear stabilizer may not touch archer

Barebow: Stabilizers allowed, finger position can move

Freestyle Limited: freestyle with fingers only

Freestyle Bowhunter: Max of 5 pin FIXED sight, stabilizer cannot exceed 12 inches, no magnification

Traditional: Stabilizer cannot exceed 12 inches, index finger must touch the arrow

Freestyle Limited Recurve: Olympic Recurve

Prerequisites & Requirements

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  • You MUST register online!

  • Registration closes September 24th, 2019 at midnight.

  • There is NO on-site registration, only check-in.


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  • Tournament Date is September 28th, 2019

  • Check-in is at 10 AM

  • Shoot begins at 11 AM

  • Shoot ends at 2 PM Approximately

  • Awards immediately after shooting ends

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