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The NextGen shoot is a youth outdoor tournament (similar to American 900) on June 1, 2019. The archers will shoot 6 arrows per target at distances ranging from 10 yards to 50 yards (depending on the age group and category). 5 ends per distance in 3 minutes.


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$30 per Shooter

Registration Deadline 5/27/2019


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Friday (4 PM): RSVP alice@neumont.edu or text (801)928-4417 for a guided tour of Hoyt factory; space is limited (2 seats per archer). More info will be sent out once you RSVP.

Saturday morning: NextGen shoot. Practice starts at 9 AM.

Saturday afternoon: free presentations

-        History of Archery (tour of the Easton Center); thanks to the Easton Archery Center staff, in particular Austin Blain and Eric Blalock, for supporting this event!

-        Opportunities for archery in college, including better understanding of college financial aids; Nate Blanchard, Director of Financial Aid from Neumont College of Computer Science will give us an overview of the different types of funding available in college.

-        Presentation on stabilizers; Mike Gerard held several national championships.  He created the Mike Gerard Jerassic String Jig. His achievements and contribution to archery over the years are tremendous (book, presentation on how to start and run a JOAD program, etc.)

-        Award ceremony will be held on that day. All presentations are free. Raffle prizes will also be available.